“The War of 1812”

The way this war started was from Britain making American soldiers join their navy, stopping trade between France and the other colonies, and arming Native Americans to resist expanding colonies. In congress some people named the “Warhawks” lead by Henry Clay pushed for war. war was declared, some battles were fought but it didn’t do much, just hurt mainly, one reason James Madison said for the war was to conquer Canada. After a few years of minor battles Britain finally could focus all on the war because Napoleon lost some much in Waterloo. After some other battles and the battle of Fort Mchenry both sides got tired of it and signed the treaty of Ghent this pretty much returned all property of both sides before the war . The last battle of the war was in New Orleans after the treaty was signed, they didn’t receive word that a treaty was signed yet. The battle was led by a Revolutionary war veteran, Andrew Jackson, it made the British retreat because they lost so many men and America barley any. They got word of the treaty and then they stopped. That was basically the end.


Should we complain to get what we want.

I don’t think you should complain if you want something to get something. If you do that you may get it but you might be seen in a bad way if you always do that. If you want something you should ask. Instead of complaining just ask and annoy the person, don’t complain. For example if you are driving somewhere and you say “i’m hungry” in a loud and obnoxious voice people will ignore you or tell you to shut up. If you ask “Can we get something to eat” people will want to talk to you more if you say it like this and you aren’t complaining.

“The Morality of Work and Wealth”

What I think of this topic is that it’s okay to be wealthy, as long as you get it from legal, and moral ways. Their are ways people make money which aren’t legal and moral, which I don’t think are right, such as drugs. Other than that I don’t think it’s unjust some people are wealthier than others, most rich people made their money one way or another.

The first thing, I don’t think it’s immoral to be wealthy. The reason why is most wealthy people made their money, and their are famous people who got wealthy even though they were originally in poverty. Not many people would choose to be poor over wealthy, the people who made their money through morally and legally good methods earned it and shouldn’t need to think “Is it bad I’m wealthy”.

I don’t think it is unjust some people have more money than others. It wouldn’t make sense if people could just get money and not have to work for it, and for people who work hard to have to share it for no reason. Most people can make a decent living if they try hard enough. If you work hard and don’t get much and are told that you are unjust because you made money, would you want to work hard to earn money, people would tell you what you are doing is bad, but you work hard for it. That would encourage harder workers and better workers to not try as much, because they would be told that’s bad. That would also encourage the people who don’t try as hard to keep doing that, because they can just get money.

For moral limits about earning wealth, I would say illegal things, such as drugs and other stuff is bad. Also if you do things legally but screw up peoples lives to make money. One example would be, would you sell out your friends or family for some money? That is an extreme, but still don’t do that.

Those are some things I think of this topic, I still think that if people earn money within legal and moral terms that it’s mainly okay. If you are a illegal drug dealer or something like that I would think that is bad. Well those are my thoughts on this topic.

20,000 Leagues Under The Sea

I just read the book, “20,000 Leagues Under The Sea”, it was very interesting, I liked the plot, and character development most. The three most interesting parts for me were the chapters named Captain Nemo’s Thunderbolts, Lack of Air, and A Hecatomb. Here they are.

The chapter called Captain Nemo’s Thunderbolts is about how the three main characters go onto an island to collect fruits vegetables and get meat to bring back to the Nautilus, a submarine. The first couple of days are nice, they get stuff they like, but then they start a fire and the smoke is seen by natives of the island, which are cannibals. They row back to the ship and the cannibals don’t follow until after the next day. They rowed up after many more people gathered and rowed to the ship. They gathered on the ship and walked to the hatch and the three people start to panic and warn the captain, Captain Nemo, that they were going to come in. He just laughed and when they walked closer, he turned on a sort of electric fence so when they walked up they got shocked and ran into the water. They then left them alone. This showed off one the capabilities of the Nautilus.

The chapter called Lack of Air involved, a lack of air. This happened when they were in the south pole. They had just passed under an ice wall. they kept on going but then met a dead end. They decided to go back but that had something blocking it too. They then tried started to dig out of the ice, they had air reserves for six days, on the last day they had six feet left of ice but no air, they decided to try to ram through and succeeded. They then had to go through the layer to the surface. They barley got through and then breathed in the fresh air. That was one of the close encounters they had.

The chapter A Hecatomb also included a chapter before about how a ship was following them. The ship started firing cannonballs at it but they could not do anything to the shell of the Nautilus. The Captain came out with his crew and they looked at it for a while and the ship stayed there for a few days. They then went under water and prepared to ram the other ship. They sped up and rammed the ship from the bottom. The main character and narrator saw this from a window and was horrified, there were people screaming and drowning. The captain then turned to a portrait of a young woman and two small children and cried. 

Those were the most notable parts of the book to me (might also include the burial part), the first part because it showed how much power the Nautilus had, the second because they were close to death, and the last because it showed how much Captain Nemo wanted revenge, and maybe some clues to his past. In case I didn’t mention the three main characters, not including Captain Nemo, were prisoners of the captain. I won’t talk about the ending, but I would highly suggest reading this book.   

Seven Year’s Wars

It started with a battle between two groups one from the French one from the British, the British went to build a fort but the French were there to tell them to stop encroaching on their territory. They fought and all but one solider escaped, the captain who died, brother fought with them and and captured them. The British signed a treaty written in French, they probable could not read it but signed it, unknown to them it said that they assassinated his brother. This caused other things because the French and British had never fought before. They then started fighting. The British tried to attack a French fort and their general got impatient so they sent people forward without the infantry. They got ambushed and lost badly and tried to retreat they did but lost around eight hundred and fifty men. The British got their fortunes back in 1759 and got three forts.In Europe European country’s had alliances so if one person fought they all would fight. The French fought first versus the British and Saxony and Australia versus Prussia. Prussia almost got defeated two times, the first time their allies pushed them back, the second time the invading countries withdrew. The treaty of Paris and some others returned most of their stuff in Europe before the war but the French lost some and the British gained some. In other places there were some fights but in the end the British gained the most and the French lost the most.


Some things I can change to save time is have a schedule that is more specific. Right now I normally get up at 5 am. have free time until 8 am., eat breakfast and start school or do some chores. School can take from two to four hours and I have two hours or more of chores. I have a lot of free time and sometimes I get distracted and don’t start that stuff until later. Some having a more specific schedule could help me. I could do my schoolwork some where away from other people who are working, I do my schoolwork at the kitchen table and people do dishes and their school. I can also get distracted there by talking to them. I can also restrict when I can do certain things that distract me, like reading video games and others. Most of my free time has those things in it. In the morning I read, then after school and chores I watch some videos play games sometimes too. Those are the main things that I could change for my day. Changing those could save me a lot of time and I could get my stuff do faster so I could have free time.


The ICS is a management system to enable effective and efficient rescue help by integrating facilities, equipment, personnel, procedures, and communications operating within a common organizational structure. The main leader is called he IC under them are some people who help with talking to other organizations, and safety. It is important because it helps to provide search and rescue to people. It will make the operation more efficient and easy.  Their are four , main functions which are the operations, planning , logistics, and finance and and admin functions. The operations function contains the people who go out and rescue the people. The planning section has the people who plan and get the things needed for the operations. The logistics section contains the food, medical and communications unit. It also has the support branch. The finance unit has the units with compensation, costs, and procurement unit. That is a general overview of some of the stuff from ICS.